Friday, April 18, 2008

Happy Birthday and other stuff

  • Today is Annika's 7 month birthday(is that what you call it if it is only marking off another month and not a year??). I thought of it on my way to work this morning. We should get to her about 8 days past her next birthday(if our agency is right about their projected date for departure).

  • I realized today that I only have a few days more than three weeks of class before we leave for China. That doesn't seem like enough time to get everything finished that will need to be done before we leave. Thank goodness I will also have a week of spring break during that time when I will be home BY MYSELF EVERYDAY!!!!! (Alex's break is next week, a week before mine). I need to start baby proofing, clean out the upstairs closet to make room for baby things (and childproof it), finish buying what we need to pack, start packing, finish her bedroom quilt, finish my last module for biochemistry (HATE THIS CLASS) and start the final paper for it (HATE THIS CLASS), and make myself a diaper bag (hopefully, this is last on the list). After spring break I need to start getting things ready for the sub who will come in for me when I am out and finish up any grading that will need to be done before I leave.

  • We are registering for Annika this weekend. My friends at work are giving us a shower before we leave. I can only think of about 5 to 10 things that we really need at this point, but there are other thing that I want including this jumper thing(which I think is adorable (love the red frog) and looks like so much fun but is totally unnecessary since I have a friend willing to loan me her exersaucer).

  • I went shopping this afternoon at Burlington Coat Factory after school this afternoon. I can't decide if we have enough clothes. I am only bring the very bare minimum to China (2 9 mo. outfits, 2 12 mo. outfits, 2 9 mo. pjs and 2 12 mo. pjs) but she will need some cute stuff besides body suits and soft pants when we get home. Anyway, can someone please explain to me why all baby girls' clothing has to either (a) have pink in it, (b) have wither butterflies or flowers on it, or (c) be pastel??? Everywhere I looked there was pale colors (usually pink) or white. I am figuring that pale colors will last about 2 wearing before they get something (probably bodily fluids/solids of some sort on them). I found two cute one year outfits (that both happen to have ladybugs on them) and some nine month pjs that are footies but have separate tops and bottoms. I was excited about those because her feet can stay warm and she will still be able to straighten her legs if they are too short. I will post some pictures of the new duds later this evening, my camera battery is dead right now.
  • We are getting ready to leave for our last Tae Kwan Do class. Alex has been in lessons for a little over a year now. It seems that the love is gone so we are going to take a break. He is getting ready to start baseball, which is a two day a week commitment, so he is stopping all other activities (except for scouts). I am ready for a break, we have been doing swimming lessons and TKD now for about 3 months. I think it will be good to take a break until we get home from China and get settled in. Then she and I can take him to all of his activities (hopefully that will go well!!!) Gotta go.


amy said...

Wow! YOu are a busy family, cant wait to read more of your journey

Allison said...

You must have great friends at school ;) We're shopping jumpers too. Not sure if we're actually going to get one, though. We'll see. Give me a call if you want to go to Tilton over break--you sound like you can keep yourself busy enough, though.

kikalee said...

Especially since you're travelling during warmer months, overpack on the baby stuff. We did that, and I was grateful we did, it was nice to not have to worry about laundry. They're so tiny they take up such little space. Also, don't forget to pack two days worth for everyone in your carryon in case your luggage gets lost or you're grounded (both versions we suffered!)

Happy Bday Annika!

Anonymous said...

Great sales at Carters in Tilton... I just went this weekend, since we have not had our little one yet, but oh wow... and they have colors other than pink, butterflies and pastels. Just an idea for next week when you are home on break! They even have winter footy sleepers for like 3.99.

Gail said...

I think I am going to pack AT LEAST 6-8 outfits for Abigail.
Just in case we have one of "those "accidents" that roll down the legs.
Same for Loren, however Loren doesn't have "Those accidents" anymore!! : )