Sunday, April 06, 2008


David and I took a little trip into Boston today. I have always wanted to go to Harvard Square so since we already had a babysitter booked for today but no where to go, we headed off for lunch and a little shopping. We stopped at the information center to look for where we wanted to go to lunch and a student who was trying to get people to go on a tour offered to give us directions. David was busting his chops because he goes to Harvard but couldn't get the map open with gloves on (have to give the kid credit for being a nerd with personality LOL). So we ate lunch at b.good , which we had seen on television (Big Phantom Gourmet phans in this house) but never tried before. It was pretty good. Then we just wandered around a little while. I bought a book I had been wanting, We Are The Ships. (It is a picture book about Negro League Baseball (which I have always been interested in). It has awesome artwork and tell the whole history of the league and all of the great players who played in it. Even though it is the size of a children's picture book it is not a children's book. Hopefully I will actually have time to read it some time soon.)

After we finished at Harvard squares we went to Old Navy, as you may (or may not) know I have really been looking forward to hitting O.N. to buy clothes for Annika. They always have such cute stuff. Well, they had crap today. There was very little in the store, probably less than half of their usual stock, and they had very little in the size I think we will need. We purposely went to the store we did because they used to have a huge baby section and most of it was girls clothes, well not any more. I was able to get a few capris and couple pairs of long pants though. It seems like every place I have been mainly has summer clothes. I am hoping to get to go the Carter's outlet sometime soon.

I found out today that I do not have a football game next Saturday so now we will definitely be able to make it to lunch on Sunday. I am so excited to see everyone and all of the babies (and go shopping)

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