Sunday, March 02, 2008


Tomorrow could be a big day. We may finally get our #4. The news at the queendom is that some 1/6/06ers have been told they are in. I don't know what to think about this. I really feel that we won't be in this month. I think it has just been such a long wait that I am in denial that it will actually be happening.

We did a little shopping today at the Kittery Outlets in Maine. We bought our gifts for the officials (or who ever they are for). Our agency said to get 6 to 8 gifts for males or females. We got Clinique gift bags for the women and some snack mixes from Harry and David's for the men. We got a total of 7 gifts. We also hit the Hanna Anderson store and picked up a few cute things off the sales racks. I had been not allowing myself to buy clothes since we don't know an age yet, but I got the 80cm (10-24 month)size.


Ruby Cate said...

OOOOHHH I LOVE Hanna Anderson stuff! The stripes are ROCKIN! Care to share some pics of your finds? I know I'd love to see the cute girlie garb for little miss A. =)

Time for bed, work for both Ruby & I is very EARLY tomorrow.

Night & FINGERS CROSSED on the whole RQ stuff, I read that site too believe it or not. Got some friends with a LID of 1-10-06... waiting on pins & needles right along side them & you & everyone at this point! *hugs* from our corner of New England to yours.

-Amy & Ruby Cate

Debberoo said...

Your in a really good place right now, either this week brings you news of your little one or, if (damn, damn, darn and damn) the cut turns out to be just before you then you KNOW that April will be THE month.

Of course I'm keeping it all crossed that this is the week you get the call!!!

kikalee said...

Refreshing all day! On pins and needles here!