Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Winter Break and Losing My Mind

We are on winter break this week and have been fairly productive so far. Alex and I painted Annika's room so all we need to do now is put up the border and we are set. I need to find the child proofing paraphernalia so that we can get that going and we have some crafting to do(quilts, diaper bags, picture for Annika's wall).

Today we went to the children's museum in Boston. I thought it would be fun to have a mommy/son day before the baby comes. He was so bored without someone to play with. I offered to play but guess I'm not good enough anymore. He keeps telling me that he is "seven and a big boy now"(NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!). We lasted an hour, bought a fun Hogwarts building card set, got lost on the way home, and then spent an hour building a castle once we got home. We would have been better off to buy the cards and then come home and build the castles(LOL). He is having a sleep over at one of his friend's house this evening so once that call came in he lost all interest in me and has been packing (video games, clothes, PJs, snowy the snowman(he may be a "big boy" but still needs his soft stuffed friends, I have to keep rescuing Annika's friends from him. He says he doesn't really want the anyway because they are all girls), etc.). It is also snowing here AGAIN. ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!!!! I love the snow but this is getting ridiculous

So the big post at the queendom is that the matching has begun (AGHHHHHHHHH!) That means we should be hearing something in the next couple of days. It seems like the rumors never really start until Friday so you end up having to wait the entire weekend to find out anything. I have always felt bad for the people who are on the bubble, having to wait those long two days to find anything out, little did I know that I would be one of them (though I guessed I would since that is generally how my life works). Actually I'm alot calmer (Is that a word?) than I thought I would be. I am checking for updates regularly, but know if we aren't in this time there is always next month. I guess after waiting almost 26 months one more month really isn't that big of a deal. I am still going to get everything ready for our referral meeting tomorrow just in case. Doesn't hurt to be prepared.


Kristin said...

Hang in there Carrie!! The good news is that we can count the number of weeks until our referral on our fingers now (either 1 week or 6 weeks!!)

Allison said...

Joseph bought Annika a present today at Ikea. Hopefully he can give it to her soon! Hang in there :)

Carrie said...

She's not even here and cute boys are already buying her gifts. What a deal.