Friday, February 29, 2008

Can't Catch a Break

After nearly 26 months of waiting they have decided to torture us a bit more. Yesterday the big rumor was that January 4th was the cut off. No mention of the 5th and we were fine with that. This morning I wake up and the 5th is mentioned as a R1(lowest level rumor). Received very little info on why this was even mentioned and the reasoning for it, Now it has been posted that one agency is saying that the 5th is the cut off and another is saying that they think it is a possibility that it could be the cut off. This is fine except there are 4 agencies saying the 4th is the cut-off.

Can't we catch a break here. Why couldn't they have just left it with the 4th? I am fine with the 4th. I was excited to have another month to get organized. More time to make a list of people to email the referral announcement too (If you want to be included please email me your email address). No worries about where Alex will stay because my mom will be out of school around the time we would travel with an April referral. Now I have to get the list around this weekend, figure out what I need to get ready for Monday in case we get the call, and not get my hopes up in case we don't get the call on Monday. UGHHHHHHHH!!!!


Stacey T. said...

Maybe the agencies that are reporting the "4th" is that they only have LID's until the 4th and none on the fifth. You've waited a long time....a long long time....fingers crossed for you.

Anonymous said...

Give yourself a break on the weekend. You probably won't get the actual call monday. We haven't even heard the rumors that the referrals are in the mail. At best we'll hear that on Monday and you'll still have a day or two to prepare.

And remember, either way it's good. You could finally be next!!!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say I hope your heat problems are solved!!!


As for the 1/5 thing, don't sweat it. I don't think there's a prayer that we're in this month.


Kristin said...


I'm with you-- I just wish they'd rip the band-aid off all at once! I can't stand the "shred of hope" that we'll be included.

And to make matters worse, I checked the Spanish RQ site and found this:
"It is important to know this since yesterday leimos in an American page that an agency commented that their clients with date of registry 5 of January were assigned.

Until the moment we had not said anything but our calculations the families of day 5 entered of January."

I don't even know what to read into that!!