Friday, January 04, 2008


My alma mater did a pretty darn great, amazing, super, stupendous job in the Orange Bowl last night. They beat Virginia Tech 27-24. I stayed up and watched the whole thing and stayed up until 12:30. My arms were getting tired from waving the wheat and I was having to cheer silently because David was sleeping next to me.

I do have one complaint and one observation to make though. First the complaint. Jayhawk teams should NEVER WEAR ALL RED JERSEYS OR UNIFORMS!!! We have that beautiful blue and they wear red?!?!? What kind of crap is that?!?!?!? They should have been in royal. When I worked with the team one uniform was glorious royal jerseys with royal pants and the royal helmets. It was wonderful. Red is for Nebraska and no one wants to be associated with that (especially this year).

Okay first observation, Coach Mangino could be the separated-at-birth twin of the Orange Bowl mascot. I have heard (on TV and the radio) that he is a very nice man and he is obviously a good coach, but GOOD LORD!!! I would be terrified to work with him for fear that he would fall over dead from a heart attack when the game gets tight. (The site where I got this picture had a possible heading of "DON'T EAT ME BRO!". I laughed so hard I almost cried).

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Johnny said...

We stayed up to watch it as well. And my wife's...ummmm, loyalties are exactly counter to yours...still she was (sorta) rooting for them near the end.

However, I will say is how many times did they have to show ONLY the VT or KU bands. Were there no fans to pan to?

And yes, my wife has expressed a fear of the coach having a "massive" in a stressful situation.