Monday, January 07, 2008

Random Thoughts

  • If your child was on the verge of a mental breakdown, would you call in Dr. Phil for an intervention? I think I would personally have Dr. Dolittle do an intervention before I had Dr. Phil do one. (I'm sure you could work in a pun about a jack-ass, Dr. Phil, and Dr. Dolittle in there some how but I don't have time to think that much)

  • I would like to ask him to please stop calling my house!!!! You may (or may not) that I live where there is going to be primary this week. I am quite frankly very ready for it to be over. If I have to see or hear Mitt Romney in any form or fashion one more time I think I will SCREAM!!!!!! They have called our house 5 times today, we received 3 pieces of mail from them, and his commercial is on TV right now. I received mail from him today and I am not even a Republican!!! I don't think you will make anyone like you any better by cramming yourself down their throat. I don't know how much he is spending on advertising up here but it obviously not working for him because he is actually dropping in the polls. OHHHHHH, Maybe he'll quit (PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE!) I am planning to vote in the primary but have not decided who for yet. I have it narrowed down to two at this point. I'll probably decide when I get there.

  • My school is starting Biggest Loser again today. I went and weighed in at the nurses office this morning and now the fun begins. I think I will sign up for Weight Watchers (again) and see how it goes. I figure the threat of soon having a toddler (if the older baby trend continues, don't get me started on that, I WANT A BABY!!!!!) should be enough to get my behind in gear this time. That and wanting to be able to climb at least part of the Great Wall with out dropping over.

  • Teachers are very bad at following directions (except me of course because I am always right LOL). I am taking Human Physiology on line right now (#2 of the four classes I need to teach my class at the college level next fall) and there was a miscommunication with the due dates on some assignments over the last couple of weeks. The syllabus says that we are supposed to follow the calendar (which I did, not a brown noser just a good student) and it had different due dates than the area of the website with the assignments. Well, there were two modules due yesterday and I was the only one in my group of 4 that did all of the work on time. I am a little irritated because some of the work is groups stuff and two people did not contribute at all because he thought that everything was due next week. It shouldn't effect my grade, but come on people, you are educators who give deadlines, pull your heads out and get with the program!!!! It's not like these are people who have never done anything in educations, THEY ARE ALL TEACHERS!!!! Oh well, I guess everyone can't be as perfect and all knowing as I am (HA!HA!HA!)

  • Has anyone else watched American Gladiators? This guy kind of creeps me out for some reason. Hulk Hogan is sooooo annoying, Brother!!

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