Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Now I've Done It

So this morning I check my email and someone is saying that a French agency is reporting a cut off date of 12/27. That got my attention. Then for some reason, I fall for it. Is it possible that we could only be 9 LIDs away. This is so exciting, I can't believe it. With one stinking unconfirmed announcement, I'm in. Now I'm home and reading the queendom and thinking about it and realizing this isn't a sure thing yet. It's one source (well actually two because some lady in Canada says her agency confirmed the cut off.) I'm practically celebrating without thinking about what I am doing.

So now I need to talk myself down and dial down the enthusiasm so that the crash won't be so bad when the real dates are released. This SOOOOOOOO sucks.

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Anonymous said...

Thank heaven you posted that, because yours truly, who NEVER gets on the roller coaster, fell for this one. Yes I did. I drank the Kool-Aid (see Steve and Jen's blog). Can't believe I was so stupid. Two measly rumors, and I went for it. [need icon for slapping forehead with ice cream cone here]. Thanks for your post. You've brought me back to sanity-land.
See you back on Planet Earth,