Wednesday, December 05, 2007

What's happenin'?

So there is the usual amount of craziness and disorganization going on around the house this week. We had a snow day on Monday, because unlike Sparky we did have a snow storm and now have about 6 or 7 inches on the ground. I guess it is a good base coat for the rest of the winter. It fell just time for our annual Christmas card picture. David takes a picture of Alex in the snow every year for the front of our Christmas card. One year he had to use a pile of Zamboni "snow" outside of an ice rink in Boston, but you couldn't even tell the difference. (Now that I think about it, I think our card had a Santa picture on it last year so forget I said the part about the snow picture last year)

My friend Allison had her baby last week. I sacraficed myself Sunday and let him sleep on me for about an hour and a half. It was really a rough job. He is so cute!!!! He had these really great long toes and smelled good.

My classes are going well. We had a bone practical last Friday and they didn't do too bad. How many of you could recognize a tibia that was removed from the skeleton or tell me what bones you use to hold a baseball bat?!?!? Now we are moving on to muscles and it is making my brain hurt. I haven't taken anatomy and physiology in 12 years and I am having to relearn somethings as we go along. We are going to build models out of spaghetti and plastic wrap. Next week we are having a "mystery" dissection (that name is driving them crazy) and dissecting a chicken wing and then we move on to cat dissection.

I am almost finished with my first grad class. I only have to write one more paper and I will be done. I think I am going to sneak by with a B+. Not bad for someone who has no background in the subject huh? My next class started on Monday. It is human physiology. It should be a little easier considering that (1) I am currently teaching anatomy and physiology and (b) my background is in athletic training. Our first assignment is due on Sunday. This program is for high school science teachers so I think that the classes will be great for what I am trying to get done.

We had Josh put to sleep last Friday. I have caught some flack for euthanizing a hamster, but ya'll he was so pitiful. He had laid in the same place for three days and he couldn't open his eyes. We brought him home from the vet in a shoe box so that we could bury him. Of course, it is December in New England so the ground is frozen (DUH Carrie!!!), so now we have a mostly bald, dead hamster in a shoe box in our garage until the spring thaw comes. I think he will be okay out there since it is so cold, but maybe I should put him in a ziploc or something (not sure how decomposition works). My fear is that we will forget about him and just find him one day in July or August. That would be a scarring incident I think.

Well, I need to go so that I can make dinner. I am making a 30 minute meal so I have to give myself at least an hour to get it finished. I think Rachel Ray has a magical clock or something.


I can proudly say that I made a 30 minute meal in 25 minutes. Take that Ms. Perky. Have you seen the lasted Dunkin' Donuts commercial with her in it? When she really needs a pick me up she splits a donut with her mom. Please!!! Who splits a donut? Get your own damn donut and dial down the enthusiasm a little. On second thought, maybe you don't need the extra sugar!!!

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New England H Family said...

Funny, I need TWO donuts for my pick-me-up...and a medium hot cocoa with the whipped cream.