Saturday, August 04, 2007

We're Back

We got back from our vacation late last night. We spent 5 days in Orlando visiting Sea World, the Universal parks, and NASA. It was a good time. David had to work on Tuesday and half of the day on Wednesday, so Alex and I were on our own those two days. We had a great (but sweaty) time. We were going the whole time that we were there, next time we need to plan at least one down day where we can hang out at the hotel and swim and relax. I will post pictures once I get them downloaded and am able to edit them.

I was happy to see that referrals came while we were gone. Another 7 days (YIPEE). We are 45 LIDs away from our referral. It seems shockingly close, but still very far away. If they keep up the 7 day routine, we will get a referral in February (25 months after LID!!!!!!)

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amy said...

That doesnt seem like much time at all! Glad you had fun..We are from Orlando so I hope to see some pictures!