Monday, August 20, 2007

Serenity Now

We are 6 days from my first day back to work and I am starting to fill a little bit stressed. I usually get insomnia for the last two or three days of summer vacation, this year it started last week. I have doubled up on my reflux meds. I know that everything will work out fine once we get started, its just the anticipation that gets me.
I am teaching a different class this year. It is honors level anatomy and physiology. The teacher that used to teach it retired last year. She was voted teacher of the year last year (for the second time in her career). She had been teaching in our district FOREVER. The class has been offered for college credit but I cannot teach it on that level because I don't have enough post graduate science credits. I just found this out two weeks ago. There were a few days of worry about what I would be teaching this year when we found out that I couldn't teach it for the credits. They decided to let me teach it since I promised to get the credits I need by next fall. So now I am also taking a graduate class (microbial pathogenesis -- translation: how bacterial disease begin and study of bacteria (sounds exciting, huh?)).
So next week I will begin teaching biology and anatomy and physiology and taking the bacteria class. Alex will be starting second grade (and possibly soccer, if they get their act together). And we also will be starting Cub Scouts for which I will be a den leader this year. I have actually got most of the year planned out for that so I just need to finalize a couple of things and if will be under control.
Did I also mention that we are adopting a daughter and will hopefully be getting our referral in January or February? Some of my friends jokingly say that our referral will probably come earlier now since I have so much going on. I just think that now I know why the wait has lengthened, its so that I can get this stuff under control before we have two kids.
I think I need a tums.
SERENITY NOW (insanity later)

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Jen said...

I feel your pain, Carrie!! The wait for a referral has been so slow but the fastest part was this summer!! No fair! I think going back to school is definitely harder on us teachers. Good luck with your new course and grad class.