Wednesday, August 22, 2007

NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! and other stuff

As we were driving out to do some errands the other day, I noticed this horrible sight on the side of the road.
It is AUGUST 22!!! This is not supposed to happen yet!!! This isn't supposed to happen until October!!!! It is still SUMMER (Never mind that the temperatures have been down in the 40s for the last few days and the temperature during the days has been in the 70s).

Okay, enough of that. We rented Happy Never After today and it was pretty funny although we missed the ending because the DVD was scratched and it cut from the good part to the credits. I have made a realization that it must be mandatory that every animated movie made now has to have either Patrick Warburton or Brad Garrett or both in it. We saw Underdog last week and they were both in that one too.

If you are a lover of Dan Patrick like I am you have to check out his website. He has a video intro that shoes him around his house doing different things. Today he is in his kitchen eating a Flintstones vitamins. A couple of days ago he was on his porch talking to his dog about dog fighting. Yesterday he was watering his yard and drinking out of the hose.

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kikalee said...

Stop the leaf insanity! I saw my first unwanted foliage in Lexington this afternoon, and I was floored. What next...snowmen next month?