Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Make It STOP!!!!!!

I swore that it would never happen. It's not that we wouldn't let it, its that our wonderful son would never fall prey to something so crazy. Boy was I wrong. Alex has become addicted to Pokemon. It has just really happened in the last couple of days. Sure they may look cute and harmless, but they are like crack for 6 year olds. If I have to hear about Bulbasaur or legendary types or pokeballs one more time I think that my head will explode. Part of it is my own fault because I bought him the video game because it involves a lot of reading, boy was that a bad choice. I am hoping that it will pass quickly onto a new obsession. Please keep me in your thoughts during this most annoying of times in our lives, hopefully everyone will survive with all of their body parts intact and without any collector cards stuck in unmentionable areas.

With any luck he will get back into my personal favorite superhero.

CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS!!! Tra-La-Laaaaaaa!!!!
You gotta love a guy who has a arch nemesis names Professor Poopypants or deputy DooDoo. Someone who uses wedgie power.

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