Monday, May 14, 2007

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!

(Yes, I know I need to blog about Mother's Day and I will get to it, broken hammock and all, but first I need to VENT!!!!!)

We were just watching King of Queens. I used to love this show. Last week they decided that they were going to adopt from China. They made it sound like you sign up, they send you a picture and you are off to Beijing to get your kid within a matter of weeks. I was thinking that surely they were going to portray this in a realistic fashion and there would be more accurate info on the show this week. Silly, silly me !!!!! So one week after their big decision to adopt, they get a call late in the episode and it is a PICTURE of their FOUR DAY OLD daughter in CHINA. It is great if you want to work adoption into your tv show, but at least friggin' show it in an accurate light. Has it ever taken a few days to apply for international adoption, get a homestudy, do your fingerprints and USCIS crap, get an LID and get a referral for a FOUR DAY OLD. I am SOOOOOOO irritated right now I could scream. I am getting ready to send a totally obnoxious email to CBS to educate them on the 22 months that we have currently been working on the adoption process.

(Okay, I'm done for now.)
** I usually don't get my panties in a bunch about adoption stuff on television, but this really irritates me. There is enough misinformation about this whole process and how long it takes without this crap. Yes I know it's just a stupid sitcom on television that only has about 2 or 3 episode left. I have been waiting 16 months for my child with no end in sight at this point. Please excuse my vent and let me be irrational for at least this one post.**


J said...

I just happened to tune into about 1 minute of it and I thought, "What? Wait. Did they just adopt Chinese twins? What? What the heck?"

Yeah, dumb things like that set adoption back a few notches on the knowledge scale.

Anonymous said...

Yeah i saw that show too and even though we are not adopting i KNOW the process from researching it for so long and they really portrayed it in a dumb light. Everything was obnoxious! Even Carrie standing there deciding if she was going to keep the baby after she found out she was pregnant..I felt like hurling something at the TV..

M3 said...