Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Challange

(Let me start by saying that David is looking at me like I have lost my mind right now)
Okay, I am only going to play because I am switching purses tonight. This is my current bag which is totally functional and holds soooo much stuff. I used it when we went to Kansas because it is very handy for flying.
This is what I am switching to. David bought it for me at Roots that last time we went to Montreal (I made that sound like we go to Montreal all the time, actually it was the first time we went.) Okay, on to the good stuff. I always carry my camera with me cuz you never know what will happen. (I obviously couldn't take a picture of that so I just included the case). My checkbook cover is made of an antique quilt.
These are my time killers when I have to wait somewhere.

These are some of my favorite things. I love Altoids gum, it lasts for a really long time. The lip gloss is my favorite. It is the mint oil gloss from Bath and Body Work. It freshens your breath when you wear it, plus it is tingly when you put it on. I also keep band-aids in my purse (I'm a klutz with a six year old son!!!) I think that these have Power Rangers on them.

These are the strangest thing that I carry with me. They are rubber gloves. I need them to pull up the compression stockings that I wear so that I don't put my finger through them.


Ruby Cate said...

Ok, if I may... what exactly are compression stockings? Sorry but I'm not quite sure what they are...


M3 (Mary-Mia) said...

Ok, you have ALOT of stuff in your purse! I'm cracking up over the pink rubber gloves. I'm guessing they raise a few eyebrows when people catch a glimpse of them... ;-)

Carrie said...

Compression stockings are medical support stockings. I wear them because I have bad circulation in my leg due to a couple blood clots. They help with my circulation and keep varicous veins at bay.

lisa said...
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lisa said...

I goofed when I posted the comment, no alarm just confucius says screwing up on a comment board!

Anyway, you have a ton of stuff and your bag could hold 10 of my bag! LOL

Glad to see a few more have joined in on the 'fun'.

Stephanie V said...

Haaaaaaa! Is Tetris for you or your little one? I occasionally throw in my PSP when I know I'll be waiting around. You would think after 20 years I would be bored of Galaga and yet? No.