Saturday, October 21, 2006

Insomnia Blog

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This is the first good day that I have had in about a week. I don't mean that things in my life have been lousy. I mean that I caught the mother of all bronchitis viruses and it kicked me in the butt (as Alex would say). I was pretty much in bed from Saturday to Tuesday, worked a half day on Wednesday, and was home again on Thursday. I felt wonderful this morning when I woke up and had a fabulous day at work.

Anyway, I think that six days in bed have given me insomnia. It is 1:45 am EST and I am still wide awake. I am laying here in bed, thinking and decided to put down some random stuff.

  • Why do they only make pink Easy Bake Ovens??? Do they not realize that six year old boys would also like to make baked treats??? Alex is actually over the whole pink thing and is putting this item directly at the top of his Santa list.
  • The wind is trying to blow the windows out of our house right now. We have wicked wind storms up here sometimes. We have two of those Cracker Barrel rocking chairs on the front porch and there were a couple of times that they have actually been blown off the porch. It has been raining all day and around 7 the temperature started to drop. They were forecasting snowshowers for tonight.
  • Cartoon Network is doing something that I actually think is useful this Halloween. They are advertising trick-or-treat for UNICEF. Alex is all fired up. I had to go get him "The Box" today (available at Hallmark Gold Crown and pier One). He is already practicing his pitch (he informed me today that there are only 10 more days!!!) He thinks this is the greatest idea ever and even shared the whole concept with the cashier at Staples this afternoon.
  • My son will not stop growing. The kid just turned 6 two weeks ago and he is up to 70 lbs and 52.5 inches(I think that I mismeasured and he may actually be taller though). He is wearing an 8!!!! We can almost see him growing at this point. He doesn't even look like a 6 year old to me. He used to look like a tall little boy, but now he looks like an 8 or 9 year old.
  • I think if I check the Rumor Queen's site one more time my computer may explode. I'm not even close to referral and still I am obsessed once the referral rumors start.
  • I got to baby shower shop today. My travel group is getting together on Sunday for a Mom's lunch and baby shower. We had a $20 limit and I think I got some good, useful stuff that will be useful no matter what age the baby is that the person is adopting. We are going to PF Changs (Yummy!!!)
  • If you eat only cheerios and toast for a week you will lose 10 pounds.
  • Did you ever notice that Blogger never actually learns any of the words that it spellchecks. It made me laugh the other day because it gave me mongoose for mooncake.

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K said...

I found this cookbook and thought of you:

"The Easy Bake Oven Gourmet"
32 kitchen-tested recipes created by top chefs especially for the Easy-Bake Oven.

Here's the link: