Monday, September 11, 2006

Bad, Bad Thing

So, I figured out how to do some new things with Printshop. This is a very dangerous thing.

Here is Alex's birthday party invitation.

This is the image that I wanted to use on the invitation, but he vetoed it.

Here is my contribution to Chinese adoption images. The flower is a Chinese peony and I haven't thought of a name for the little bug yet, any suggestions will be considered. (If your new here, at one point I felt that the elephant should become the new lucky symbol for adoption, since our process will end up being as long as an elephants gestation period.)

I still need some practice (and possibly lessons) on balancing the colors and shading. But now I can make silly thing pretty easily, so expect more in the future.


Linda said...

Love the invitation! But the elephant on the flower! That looks like so much fun! You could do some crazy stuff, lol!

M3 (Mary-Mia) said...

Great job! Loving the ladyphant. Or is it an elebug?