Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Mystic Help

Alex and I are taking David to Mystic, CT in a few weeks for his birthday. I am looking for someplace nice to take him for a birthday dinner. He always takes me to really good places(this year it was Gibby's in Montreal) and generally do a crappy job of returning the favor. This year he turns the big 4-0 so I want to do something special. If anyone has a suggestion, I would really appreciate it.

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Lisa~~ said...

Check into doing a lobster dinner cruise on the Mystic Whaler ( http://www.mysticwhaler.com ). When I lived up in New England, I used to go every year on their week long trips and Capt. John is great and they usually hire cooks who have trained at either Johnson and Wales or the Culinary Inst. In addition, there's nothing nicer than being out on a schooner having a wonderful dinner. Drop me a line if you decide to go, or let me know about it. I truly miss being able to sail up there every year.