Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Spring Break Recap

Check out Captain Alex.
He always works his way into the cockpit as soon as we get on the plane.

We survived our trip to Kansas. We had a great time and were totally exhausted by the time that we returned home on Sunday evening. We spent our first day in the Denver area getting lost. We did find Buffalo Bill's grave site though. This is a picture of Alex and my nieces climbing on some rocks. (We also got our first Sonic hit in Denver!!!)

After Denver we moved on to western Kansas. We spent three days at my sister's house. Alex had a great time visiting with his cousins. We went swimming, planted some flowers, caught some bugs, and had a lot of fun. From there we moved on to my parents house in central Kansas. While there we visited my grandmother and her husband.

On Friday we headed east to Kansas City. My brother and his family live in that area and David was there opening a Converse store at The Legends near the Kansas Motor Speedway. I have to say that I never realized how mush stuff there is to do in Kansas City. We went to Science City on Friday. This was a huge hit and unfortunately my camera battery died within 15 minutes of arriving. Friday night we went out to dinner with everyone. The funniest thing happened at the restaurant. A waiter asked Alex for his autograph (it's a long story). By the time we were finished eating, he had signed 4 autographs and was feeling like pretty big stuff. We were talking about how great his day had been and he said "Welcome to MY world!!". It was the funniest thing ever. He also got a new shaving kit from his grandparents.

Saturday we went to the neatest place. It was called the Deanna Rose Children Farmstead. Alex went fishing, fed baby goats a bottle (see below), and mined for gems. If you live in or near Kansas City, KS, I highly recommend it. After the farmstead we took in a rain delayed (and eventually cancelled) Royals game with Poppa Bob and my brother and sister-in-law.

Hey kidd!! Wanna drink?

Alex, David, and Poppa Bob at Kaufman Stadium

Alex and Sluggerr

Sunday we returned home. YEAH!!!

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John & Dawn said...

Dang!! I wish I would have known you were in Kansas (specifically at Legends) cause I live pretty close to there (8 miles away actually).

Maybe next time you guys are in town we can hook up for a coke or coffee. We can wallow in the wait together. :)