Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Cranky, Cranky, Cranky

Well, it seems that "THAT" time of the month has arrived again. Every month there is a period of time when everyone seems to get a little bit irritable and (more) impatient (than usual) about the wait. It always seems to coincide with the rumors that break out a couple of weeks before referrals roll in. The rumors do me in everytime. One day they are all sunshine and daisies and the next they are doom and gloom. Every month I swear to myself that I am not going read them any more, but that usually only lasts one day. I think that we should give this time an official name. PRS (pre-referral syndrome) seems to simple. Anyone have suggestions?


Lisa~~ said...

I'm being very productive in cutting all the bushes in my yard. I would have better sucess and get more done if I didn't have to stop and cry every so often. Your welcome to join me in the yard work or the crying...both make me very tired and if I sleep, I can't dwell on the delays. Good luck!

Debberoo said...

I've just been reading the RQ as a show of support for all my waiting buddies - I sooooo feel your pain, the waiting and not knowing sucks so much - I won't tell you to "hang in there" cos I think you know where I live and might come and slap me for that.