Tuesday, February 14, 2006


I think we will be seeing this happen before we 12-14 DTCers from my agency see our LID. We have been "patiently" waiting 9 weeks tomorrow (Wednesday).

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Ruby Cate said...

Typically, they say if you don't 'hear' back of an official LID, you just take the DTC date & jump ahead a month & that is supposedly your LID. So if you were 12-14-05 DTC, then it stands to reason (if this assumption is correct) that your LID is 01-14-06

Which is a great day as 01-14-05 was my DTC date! Now back then I heard back from china & had a LID of 01-31-05, so that was kinda quick so WHO KNOWS, maybe if yours went as quick then you could be looking at a 12-31-05 LID!

Either way, I think it's very safe to KNOW IN YOUR HEART that right now, you are LOGGED IN BABY and your wait has begun!

Oh, and on the tonsils front, I had mine out last year & was told by not only my doctor but the nurses that it's (and I quote) "too bad you're not a kid, they bounce back so much faster & easier than adults..." GREAT! It took me over a MONTH to be back to normal, but Alex? HE'LL BE UP & RUNNING BEFORE YOU'VE EVEN HAD A CHANCE TO CATCH YOUR BREATH! =) hee hee I wouldn't worry about that at all. =) Plus, you just HAVE to bring him, I'm EXCITED TO MEET HIM! =)

Plus, I'm pretty sure Ruby will get a kick out of him as she LOVES OTHER CHILDREN! =)

(and those XL size 12's? GIVE ME A BREAK! I'M WITH YOU! Absolutely RIDICULOUS!)