Wednesday, January 04, 2006

In other international adoption news...

Okay, I have a little story that makes me feel better about our current situation with China.

My cousins cousin(we'll call her Betty for simplicity sake, plus I am not sure of her actual name) is adopting a child from Russia. So, Betty and her husband went over and selected a child that they want to make a part of their family and then returned to the US to wait however long it usually is (used to take) before the return trip to bring him home. He was 9 months old at their first trip. Soooo, shortly after their return, Russia closed adoptions and has not re-opened them since. (I think it had something to do with the death of an adopted child, but am not positive about that). The boy is now 18 months old and still in Russia. They have been told several times that Russia is opening back up at any time but nothing has happened yet.

I think I would be going totally off the wall at this point if I were Betty and her husband. Can you imagine having to go through a wait with no end in sight after actually meeting your child in person? I would just be imagining him over there in the orphanage with God knows what happening to him all alone.

Just a bright, cheery story I thought you would enjoy (NOT)


Stephanie V said...

You know I hear/read stories like that all the time and I just don't know how they do it? Goes to show you it takes a strong breed to adopt.

Our Journey to Faith said...

Carrie, I dont know how people endure Russian adoptions these days. A friend of mine told me that the Russian government wants to examine would be parents while over there! If that is true a lot of people are going to back away from Russia. Who wants to be poked and prodded in a foreign country? Not me.