Monday, November 21, 2005

Dear USCIS Fairies : You STINK

It has been a while since I have posted here (It has actually been almost a week since I have checked in with anyone that I usually stalk). David called the USCIS today (I think he was getting tired of the daily whining after the mail was checked). They told him that they are waiting to get verification of his citizenship back. (He was born in the Canal Zone in Panama, basically like being born on a US military base). The lady sent out the request on OCTOBER 17 and still hasn't got it back. Okay I have a few problems with this.

1. Don't you have to be a citizen to get a passport?????????

2. I put a copy of his citizenship paperwork in with the copy of his birth certificate and passport when I filed the application just in case there was any confusion. Guess that meant absolutely nothing to the person that handled our file since they needed to get further verification(and never ask for it back).

3. Isn't it someone's job to check up on verifications that take longer than a month to be returned?

I am SO irritated that I could scream. I feel like we got put to the side and forgotten(is that a word, I'm not an English teacher) about. Shouldn't they have a list or something of places outside of the US where you can be born and be a US citizen?

The lady told David that she is out of the office tomorrow but she will follow up on it Wednesday and then hopefully get it all cleared up and mailed out in the same day. Thank goodness he called, maybe we should have listened to that lady and called a long time ago. David is hoping that we will get it by Friday. At this point I would be happy with the middle of next week.

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Stephanie V said...

Call your Congressman. I hate to say it, but when they were dinking around with my paperwork, I got a LOT of really lame excuses on why it hadn't been processed yet. It wasn't until I called my Congressman and got them involved that I got my 171 - a week after their phone call. It's unfortunate you have to do it, but it's the bureaucratic way - and that's what they are, a bunch of bureaucrats.