Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Recovery and Work

I think that I have finally recovered from our first trial of dim sum. It only took two days. Hopefully this doesn't happen in China. It would really stink to be over there and get sick from what we eat. I guess I need to plan on bringing a jar of peanut butter, crackers, and a jumbo bottle of pepto with us.

I took the leftover mooncake into work today and coerced people into trying it at lunch. None of them had even heard of it before, so I tried to explain the Moon Festival to them. Everyone tried it and some people even liked it. The people that I work with are very supportive of the adoption. I always appreciate that they are this way. One of the women has an adult daughter who is adopted from Korea so I have been asking her questions about integrating culture, etc. It is pretty cool to have someone around who has already gone through the stages of childhood with an international adoptee.

By the way, the Chiefs won again. 2 and 0, YEAH!!! They are playing the much hated Broncos on Monday Night Football next week.


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