Thursday, August 11, 2005

The Hamster Saga

Just a word from the wise ... never promise a four year old a hamster for their 5th birthday. I made this mistake a few weeks ago to get a screamin' fit to stop in the middle of the rodent section at our local pet store. It is all we have heard about since. We came up with the idea of telling him that if he gets a hamster, he won't get anything else from us for his birthday. We thought the lure of legos, bionicles, and various Star Wars items would be enough to make him forget the furball. WRONG!!!! He is fine with the "no other gift" idea. In fact, anything he asks for now is requested for his 6th birthday or Christmas. Now the hamster is mentions at least three times a day and his birthday isn't until October!!!

So I guess we will be adding another animal to our menagerie. We already have a golden retriever, two cats, two cockatiels, and one vacationing firebelly toad (It was two at the beginning of the summer, but the survivor got REALLY hungry). Anyway, I will keep you posted as the saga unfolds.

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Our Journey to Faith said...

Ha Ha you sound like us! We promised a hamster to our daughter and after many discussions we bought her one. They are interesting creatures to say the least. When Li Li gets out we have to hunt for him and a word of caution..if you dont locate him quickly they will die from lack of water.(what is that stinch in the closet?) LOL My daughter loves him and its hes taught me some patience!